Joy App for Android

Smarter Hearing

The Joy mobile app is a powerful tool that lets you control your Neubio hearing device and provides learning on the go.

Holistic Hearing Care

The cochlear implant is just the beginning of a lifelong hearing journey. The Joy app was created with the journey in mind and is a holistic approach to hearing care. Joy emphasizes three important phases of the journey: control, education, and access.


Bold Connectivity

The Bold sound processor is bluetooth enabled. Users can connect the Joy app to their device to control their hearing device directly from the phone.


Customized Hearing / Volume

Customize your sound experience by selecting hearing profiles such as “Quiet” or “Music.” Adjust the overall volume of your hearing device with the slide of your finger.

The Joy of Learning

Joy is the first AI-powered rehabilitation app that lets users learn new words by discovery. Take a photo of anything and Joy will provide the correct word directly to your Bold device. Listen and learn new words everyday.

Take a photo of anything — like this pineapple.
Joy will speak the word of the item in the photo to you.

Support anytime, anywhere

Directly message our team for ongoing support. Get access to a network of medical and technical experts anytime, anywhere. Our audiologists and medical professionals will oversee your progress and provide real-time assistance when necessary.

Joy Parent Tracker

Get feedback and track your Child’s hearing progress with the Joy Parent Tracker. As a parent you want to be confident that your child is he Joy Tracker helps you meet your personal learning goals and gives insight into your hearing journey.

Joy Parent Tracker

Information that gives you confidence.

24/7 Support timelapse

Get support when you need it. Wherever you are. Our specialists provide service that is dependable.

Real Results timeline

Be confident that your child’s improvement is supported by real data.

Guidance supervisor_account

Our dedicated team will help you guide your child’s rehabilitation at home. You are their favorite teacher.

Real-time update

Stay up to date with your child’s daily progress. Receive SMS and email updates to track daily activities and more.

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